Why do something constantly? Why not just do it once? Or at least for a short time. Or better still, a longer time. Finally getting that well-deserved rest - that’s what a holiday at the Hotel Seiser Alm Urthaler is all about. But that’s often no easy task!

The great thing about our timber hotel is that it is at one with nature. Both inside and out. Without nature, South Tyrol and the Seiser Alm would not be the powerful places they are. That’s why we make nature a special priority at our hotel.

In our Alpine garden, you will find a natural paradise right on the hotel doorstep. Just a few steps from the Antermoia Spa, you can enter a lush green world of local plants and a wonderfully authentic well-being ambience.

Because nature does not need much human intervention. It creates a wonderful sense of tranquillity all by itself.

There is only one way in which we intervene in the Alpine garden at our timber hotel. We plant, tend to and harvest herbs in our own herb garden. We use them to add spice to our dishes, refine our cocktails and create a special aroma in our little paradise on earth.

Treat yourself to some refreshing breaths of air in our small yet refined natural paradise at the Seiser Alm. The most attractive route to us takes you through the garden.