The designer hotel Seiser Alm Urthaler is nature at its best. Built with nothing but organic materials without any chemicals. The walls are made from wood and glass, the floors are made from wood or natural stone, the carpets are hand-woven. Healthy and unique in Europe.

In our timber hotel in South Tyrol you experience the healthy power of nature. Walls, ceilings and floors in the rooms in our nature and designer hotel are made from untreated spruce and larch. The wood was cut during waning moon phases to ensure a higher density. Only wooden dowels are used on the massive wooden beam walls and support the structure of the timber hotel without any glue or nails. Instead of electronic key cards our Seiser Alm Urthaler timber hotel in South Tyrol has returned to the classic room key. Allergy sufferers can breathe deeply at 2000 m altitude. The heating in the natural clay wall of the rooms contributes toward a healthy room climate. The gentle aroma of the wood is both stimulating and calming. Sleep on the large, specially made rubber mattresses in our exclusive damask bedding is particularly deep and relaxing.