Kick off the day with a strenuous session on the cross-trainer. Relax your muscles, free your mind. Do yourself and your body some good.


sample the fresh mountain air. Admire the vast expanse of the Dolomites as you climb up to the summit. Chat with like-minded people about the diverse flora and fauna of South Tyrol.

Being fit and healthy means something different for everyone. Fitness can be defined in a number of ways. Some need fresh air in order to be able to breathe freely. Others want to push their boundaries with some strength training or sessions on the cross-trainer, treadmill etc.

Whatever you fancy, there’s nothing stopping you at the Hotel Seiser Alm. Here you can do both.

The 200 m2 Antermoia Health Club is home to a wide range of strength and endurance machines, just waiting to be challenged by you. Or rather to challenge you! Whichever way you prefer to look at it.

Nature-loving sports fans will also find plenty to entertain them during their wellness break at the Seiser Alm. The magnificent mountain world surrounding the Hotel Seiser Alm Urthaler speaks for itself. And those who would prefer some assistance can join a guided walk every Monday and Wednesday in summer.

Whatever your fitness passion - you are sure to find it at the Hotel Seiser Alm Urthaler.