You feel a very deep-rooted connection with nature when your hotel and family have ties in South Tyrol. And no wonder with the breath-taking world of the Dolomites right on the doorstep.

During the construction of our Seiser Alm Urthaler timber hotel, it was essential for this sense of nature to be felt inside our four walls too.

And this was achieved with a tasteful combination of wood, steel, glass and stone. Each room is made entirely from wood. When left in its natural state, it provides the best night’s sleep.

And so nature found its way into our hotel. And it provides our guests with the key components of relaxing holiday. With no side effects.

Our values


It is not just the construction method which is sustainable at the Seiser Alm Urthaler timber hotel. Our daily efforts to contribute to a better world are also sustainable.

We are very strict about separating our trash and avoiding any unnecessary transportation journeys and are proud to have our own water source.


The location of the Hotel Seiser Alm Urthaler at the heart of the Dolomites makes it a place which radiates a very special energy. The energy of the Alps and nature. It surrounds the hotel like a kind of revitalising mist. You will see what you mean when you stay with us.

Significant & different

When it comes to the design, we like to stick with classic. We focus on honest presentation and linear features. And we are pleased that this is valued by our guests too.