Trostburg Castle situated above Ponte Gardena is one of the most magnificent castles in South Tyrol and well worth a visit. The medieval castle will most certainly be one of the highlights of your holiday in South Tyrol and should not be missed.

The imposing Trostburg Castle is a medieval fortress dating back to the 12 century. It was once owned by Lord of Wolkenstein. The medieval minstrel Oswald of Wolkenstein who grew up here is known far beyond the borders of South Tyrol. In the 16 century the castle was extended in the Renaissance style that can still be admired today during guided tours. The climb to the castle on the medieval castle path from the parish church in Ponte Gardena is a most beautiful hike.

During the daily guided tours you are certain to be excited by the splendid knight’s hall. The castle chapel, the Gothic parlour and the Renaissance hall also witness to the former medieval glory of Trostburg Castle. Also worth admiring is South Tyrol’s largest torggl (wine press) that is displayed here. Exhibitions, concerts and theatre performances throughout the year fill the castle with life and complete your holidays in South Tyrol.