A holiday in South Tyrol offers not only magnificent natural beauty but also many cultural and historical highlights. Prösels Castle is one of the historic sites that are well worth a visit. Since medieval times this beautiful castle has been watching over the city. Today it is still a popular destination for holiday-makers from all over South Tyrol.

Since medieval times the tiny village of Fiè has been protected by a powerful fortress. It was the residence of the Counts of Völs, bearing witness to the fame and power of this aristocratic family. In the 16 century Leonhard of Völs transformed the fortress to a splendid Renaissance castle that still excites visitors today. Regular exhibitions and celebrations ensure that the castle shines in its historic splendour throughout the summer.

During the daily guided tours you can explore the inside of this beautiful Renaissance castle. Knight’s hall, chimney room, castle chapel and weapons collection are only some of the rooms worth a visit. Dive into the world of the Lords and Ladies of the castle and plan an excursion to Prösels Castle near Fiè in South Tyrol.