Relax in a casual ambience or sit back, unwind and observe. Sample one of the striking cocktail creations, enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or sip a delightful glass of wine.

Head on in to the Onyx Bar. The place at our Seiser Alm Urthaler gourmet hotel where everything comes together. Or a place where you can sink down into a cosy leather armchair and not talk at all, if you prefer. Simply observe and listen to the music and crackling of the fire. With unrestricted views of the Schlern mountain.

Our Onyx Bar is at its most glamorous in the evening. Best enjoyed with an aperitif before dinner or a digestif afterwards. But it sparkles at any time of day. After all, it is made from a very special mineral from which it derives its name. Onyx is normally used to make jewellery. Here at the Hotel Seiser Alm Urthaler, it decorates the bar - the treasure of our hotel.