Healthy and indulgent. Good and authentic.

The main keywords which accompany us, our kitchen team and head of the kitchen Thomas Janeck - day in, day out. Everything served at the Seiser Alm Urthaler gourmet hotel is created with great love and care. You can count on that.

What do we mean by that exactly? We focus on …

… regional and seasonal cuisine
Because South Tyrol has so many colourful delights to offer. We are proud to refine our menus to include them.

… Organic
A organic certificate alone is not enough for us. Our chef knows the local farms and establishments in person. He regularly checks that only the very finest products make their way to our kitchen and onto your plate.

… Sustainability
Because we should all try to adopt a more sustainable approach to life every single day. When it comes to the products we purchase for our kitchen, we pay particular attention to the nature of the delivery and packaging.

… Individual flavour experiences
Because every product brings its own individual touch to the plate, we are more reserved when it comes to the seasoning. Less salt and butter and no flavour-enhancers mean that our dishes are both delicious and healthy.

… Sophisticated presentation
Without too much unnecessary ‘fuss’. Our guests should be able to see immediately what is on their plate. And concentrate fully on the flavour.

… Personal initiative
As soon as the snow has melted away, we pluck our herbs directly from our own garden.