Bolzano is the capital of South Tyrol and also a melting pot of Italian and German culture. Bolzano, the town where North and South meet, unites two cultural landscapes and excites with its interesting mix of Italian and German culture and tradition.

The pulsating town at the edge of the Dolomites invites visitors to stroll through the medieval historic centre with its beautiful arcades, the fruit market and the Piazza Walther. Many events and concerts also offer the perfect opportunity for a cultural evening programme in the capital city of South Tyrol.

Alongside numerous events you should definitely visit the archaeology museum - Ötzi the ice mummy excites visitors of all ages. The mummy of Ötzi the man from the ice age is not only an archaeological sensation but also a highlight for visitors you will never forget. In the Ötzi museum interested visitors also discover much of importance about the history of Bolzano and South Tyrol.

Reinhold Messner’s passion is the mountains. He lived this passion as extreme mountaineer and now pursues it with his museums projects MMM Messner Mountain Museums. On Firmiano Castle near Bolzano Messner set up the MMM Firmiano. It is the heart of the museum series on 6 sites and engages with the topic of human and mountain.

Lovers of modern and contemporary art should visit the Museion in Bolzano. Besides art the Museion also showcases architecture, music, performance, film and theatre.