Opposites are the spice of life.
In our Restaurant Jägerstube you experience opposites that combine to a perfect whole. The Jägerstube is the essence of a traditional rustic farmer’s room. Wood and comfort paired up with and exclusive atmosphere and star-worthy cuisine.

Completely different, new, experimental yet classic: this is how we offer your palate new dimensions of flavour. Fresh, carefully selected natural products allow us to emphasise the distinctive flavour of each ingredient. The balanced interplay of aromas, textures and temperatures delights the taste buds.
Enjoy the symbiosis of local produce and high quality ingredients from all over the world.

Our head chef Marco Knepper acquired his extensive repertoire during his working experience in the restaurants of well-known star chefs and gourmet mentors such as Michelin-star chef Juan Amador and star chefs Martin Göschel and Hans Hoberth.
By combining the various schools of cooking and because of his strong personality, Marco Knepper is able to continue to surprise with new creations that look and taste fantastic.


Exclusive private celebrations and eventsWe are happy to create your individual taster menu with the perfect flight of wines for your private occasion. For birthdays, company parties or a romantic candle-lit dinner for two.

The Jägerstube is open in the evenings from Wednesday to Saturday.
Please make a reservation. We are happy to provide you with all the information you need.
+39 0471 727919 urthaler@seiseralm.com